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Monday Breakfast:      Kitchen Sink Omelet w/ Homefries

                Lunch:            California Chicken Salad w/ grilled pita

Tuesday Breakfast:     3 Lemon / Blueberry crepes w/  Homefries 

                Lunch:           Greek salad w/ shaved steak and feta

Wednesday Breakfast: Bacon, Mushroom, cheese crepes w/ homefries

                 Lunch:         Chicken Cordon Blue w/ side salad

Thursday Breakfast:   Harvest waffle w/ nuts and berries w/ homefries

                 Lunch:          Meatloaf w/ mashed potato and veggie

Friday Breakfast :       Breakfast Burrito  w/ Homefries

                 Lunch:         Bacon, Apple, Cheddar grilled cheese w/ French Fries

Saturday:                     Ham and Cheddar Quiche w/Homefries

Sunday:                        Chipped Beef and Gravy on Toast, 2 Eggs, Homefries