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Monday Breakfast:      Crab casino omelet

                Lunch:            Fried Buffalo chicken sandwich

Tuesday Breakfast:       Blueberry and Granola pancake

                Lunch:             Avocado BLT

Wednesday Breakfast: Strawberry cheesecake stuffed French Toast

                 Lunch:           Mushroom Swiss Burger

Thursday Breakfast:     Bacon and Sauteed onion hashbrowns w/ 2 eggs and toast

                 Lunch:           Cobb salad wrap

Friday Breakfast :         Turkey and sweet potato hash w/ 2 eggs and toast

                 Lunch:           Fried haddock tacos w/ rice and black bean salad

Saturday:                       Sausage and cheddar corn waffle w/ 2 eggs

Sunday:                         Open faced deviled egg on toasted whole grain w/ choice of side

                                        Chipped beef and Gravy on toast, 2 eggs, homefries